Curriculum and Course Design

Curriculum & Course Design


Curriculum skeleton

Blend approaches each project as an opportunity to personalise the learning experience

This is where Blend really get into the heart of the process. We map out the user’s goal, actions they need to take, scenarios they need to pass through, critical information required, solutions in the learning, and any gamification and personalisation in the learning and training needed to get the user to achieve their learning goal.

Here at Blend we visualise the learner journey like a roadmap or branched scenario learning map and the first stage of the instructional process is complete. 

The measurable learning goal is set up clearly and is our starting point for the actions and scenarios the learner must go through.  What are the challenges the learner will meet? How will they find solutions through the eLearning and training? This is our first opportunity to integrate learning theories such as gamification and personalisation into the mix.

Blend uses a Design Thinking sprint approach and Action Mapping at this point. This is where we use the measurable learning goal to define the actions required to reach that goal. We then create a realistic activity/task to practice each action, providing only the essential information needed for the learner to complete said activity.

Blend design tasks or challenges to be overcome through gamification and personalisation of learning. Every learner is different and there are multiple ways for the user to reach their learning objective depending on their persona. Designing a course that every user can experience differently whilst achieving the same learning objectives is our priority here at Blend. Effective gamification, with checkpoints interspersed throughout only increases learner engagement and helps us reach our next step of mapping out the user journey and the branched scenario learning that will come into play.

Mapping out the user’s learning journey has some variables. How will the training take place? Time and steps are a factor. What is the milestone for each? How do we know the learner has met the challenge required and is making progress towards the learning objective? This is the challenge of instructional design that Blend keeps front and centre during this phase. Checking what content already exists and utilising all the relevant information from the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). We now have the learning journey mapped out and all the information we need to start the storyboarding and scriptwriting process.

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