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Guiding the learner through personalised, holistic mental health and wellness treatments using adaptive curriculum design.

We designed a curriculum framework that would support a learner across a full range of topics throughout their treatment and evolved to suit their needs.

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Nana is a company focused on combining the best medical, psychological and spiritual practices to offer a holistic approach to mental health and wellness.

They create personalised programs for each patient and not only provide exercise, diet, mentoring and meditation but also build a protocol for controlled dosing with psychoactive compounds like CBD (from cannabis) and Psilocybin (from mushrooms) – which have been scientifically shown to help in the treatment of conditions like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

As part of this treatment program Nana looked to Blend to structure a comprehensive curriculum of eLearning content to support each area of focus. This included onboarding for each tenet of the program but also a wealth of additional resources the patients could dip in and out of.

The foundation of the Nana program is routed in research and focuses on educating and empowering the patient to become the best version of themselves. However, the psychoactive compounds are regulated and have a much greater associated risk/benefit. This meant that getting the learning goals right before designing any of the content. 

The learner’s safety was paramount. Not only this, but the content needed to also encourage and guide the learner in a positive way through the transformative process – so capturing the supportive Nana ‘voice’ was important. 

The eLearning itself had to cover a wide range of topics yet feel personal and appeal to a wide range of learners – from those suffering mild depression through to full PTSD. In conjunction with the face to face mentoring and social support, the aim was for the learner to feel safe and supported throughout.

We then ran a number of discovery workshops, each one focusing on an area of the program with the experts involved. At the same time making sure all modules aligned with the overall objectives of the program.

We designed the curriculum so different avenues of content would unlock depending on a learner’s progress. We prioritised universal modules that had to be completed to continue, personalised modules that were recommended based on a learner’s initial assessment as well as optional, additional resources for those that wanted them. This highly personalised learner journey meant that the eLearning could be integrated much more intuitively into the overall programme  than normal standalone eLearning.

With the overall structure mapped out successfully and key topics and learning goals established, we completed our role in the project and delivered the curriculum and protocol framework to the Nana team, who then bought in experts to generate the core content.

Client Feedback

"I hired Brendan and Tom as Curriculum Designers. They really invested the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and as such did a great job of planning the first stage of the project for us. I am really happy with the work they did, and highly recommend them."
Florencia Bollini
Founder and CEO - Nana

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