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Upgrading face to face training into scaleable interactive activities.

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A small retail bank were looking to improve counterfeit banknote identification with eLearning. The training they had available was impractical, due to no remote learning option or realistic simulation.

During the analysis stage we found that the problem the bank was trying to solve was: Training was inadequate and impractical and was linked to increased forgeries that were undetected in the retail bank. We needed to address the learning goals of: What are the security features? Where are the features located? What are the differences in a genuine and counterfeit note? 

These goals needed to come back to the overarching learning objective of workers understanding the signs of a counterfeit bank note. The small retail bank that was looking for interactive eLearning content as a solution had no remote learning option or realistic simulation available to them. They only had static image support documents available to them. 

The learner profiles were then analysed with the most common forgery mistakes being detected. The user testing showed that zoom functionality and animated visualisation was most effective for learners. We then tracked learner behaviour on the LMS with scoring elements to best understand the user journey and how the eLearning could then be iterated and improved.

This employee training was a great challenge for Blend in regards to creating a learning experience that can traditionally only be done face-to-face. Normally learning if a note is a forgery or not requires close real-life inspection. 

At Blend we managed to create an interactive eLearning gamified project that was a change from the typical forgery training. Instead of a boring PowerPoint presentation or Word document explaining the forgeries, we used our holographic design experience to create an interactive banknote that has magnified features whenever hovered over.

The visual style and UX was created through Articulate Storyline and Adobe Creative Suite.

This remote solution significantly improved the learner’s ability to spot forgeries, saving the bank time and money through the onboarding training process. The task addressed the issues in the needs analysis successfully after evidence of the training measurable increasing learning and therefore forgery detection.

In the evaluation stage 95% of learners felt they learnt and understood more because the Forgery Finder was interactive. This just made us at Blend more motivated to design immersive eLearning content. 

Other useful information we gleaned whilst working on this project was that 42% of companies say that eLearning has led to an increase in revenue. eLearning may help in training, but its knock-on effects go all the way to other ROIs such as revenue and sales.

Behind the scenes

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We gamified the learning with a best of 10 forgery or genuine choice. This decision was based on the learner checking realistic visuals for each of the security features.

Move the sliders below to view each genuine/forged feature


To help learners get started we created an animated user guide they could refer to throughout

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