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Empowering all young people through access to soft skills and emotional intelligence education. 

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Emotional Intelligence and soft skills are often overlooked in traditional educational systems.

Project Relearn’s mission is to work alongside government agencies and NGOs so that educational institutions have access to a gamified and customised platform for their students, regardless of class or location.

Blend was formed by Tom and Brendan through both a passion for learning and an interest in soft skills. Research showed that while more organisations in the business sector were discovering the benefit of developing soft skills and emotional intelligence such as communication, empathy and mindfulness many educational establishments hadn’t yet caught up. 

With a rapidly changing society and globalisation, the need for these less traditionally academic and more intangible skills are becoming more and more important, especially for young people with less access to quality eLearning due to cost, infastucture or isolation.

Blend interviewed numerous soft skills experts and established a number of key soft skills to focus on including self awareness, social awareness, communication and confidence. The learner profile was established as young teens from secondary education upwards – where thoughts of what to do after school and what path in life to take start taking shape.

With our experience in both education and design-thinking we set our goals as creating personalised microlearning for the various topics and then looked to the delivery system of the content. We knew that we had to keep accessibility at the forefront so started exploring various apps that successfully provided microlearning to a diverse group of users through their mobile device.

We were heavily inspired by apps like Duolingo. This mobile app delivers language microlearning in bitesize chunks with clean UI (user interface) design and UX (user experience) with elegant gamification and social proof to engage and encourage learners to progress. We opted for the same approach, creating an animated proof of concept with bright clean visuals and clear progression through scenario based microlearning.

Now that Blend has a proof of concept we have set ‘improving access to soft skills training for everyone’ as our north star. It drives the decisions we make and projects and clients we work with. Over time we hope to continue developing project relearn and build a soft skills training solution that is available to all.

If you are also interested in soft skills development don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we are always interested to chat to like-minded, passionate people.

Maybe we can all work together with a common goal of ‘giving everyone access to the soft skills training they need to thrive.’

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