Training Personalisation

Investing in personalised learning

Training personalisation has always been in the DNA of Blend, particularly due to Tom’s background in education and Brendan’s experience of facilitating face to face design thinking workshops. From first-hand experience Blend know that personalised learning creates more engaging and immersive training – when users feel they are having a unique learning experience or when the learning is directed specifically for them there is far more motivation and incentive to engage in the course. With data tracking and xAPI capabilities Blend can now create learning and training to intelligently teach users depending on their past behaviours. It is now easier than ever to give unique learning eLearning experiences.

How Blend personalise learning

There are a multitude of ways Blend can personalise learning. Scenario-based learning is something we implement within their projects. Learners are put into a situation and have to react in a way they see fit. There can be multiple correct or incorrect answers designed within the learning, and the narrative of the training reacts depends on what the learner has done. For example in the problem solver the learner can choose their own problem to solve, making each experience unique.

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Branched scenarios

Branched-scenario learning extensively in the video game industry with free to roam sandbox-style worlds and the ability complete tasks in various orders. In literature there are Choose Your Own Adventure Books where the reader was faced with a specific scenario and had to decide about what to do, which then affected the rest of their journey.  These are cultural norms that today’s learner is all too familiar with. With this awareness and expectation in mind, Blend always incorporate elements of personalisation to enable the learner to own the experience and make it all the more ‘sticky’. For example, with the Content detectives Blend allowed the user to follow clues in any order, making each play through unique.

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Character personalisation

At Blend, with the right data, we can analyse individuals behaviour and create personalised learning for each user, focusing on what they need to improve and building appropriate branched scenarios. This personalisation can be integrated seamlessly into the narrative so as a learner progresses (like in the First Aider) not only are they rewarded with improved outcomes, but they are also personalised as the learner gets to name their own character, which is then referenced throughout. In the case of Content detectives learners can pick different characters to play through as.

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Curriculum personalisation

Users want to be recognised for their competency, and Blend can easily build this into projects. We can add pre-assessments to help personalise learning; in the way that we integrate them in Project ReLearn. The learner completes a series of tasks which feeds into the course (and the modules making up the course) that they will take, allowing for a more personalised experience. An alternative Blend can use to a pre-assessment is a customised learning path based on interests or other data points collated by xAPI. Blend can build training where users set their own learning goals and path, working at their own pace, getting personalised feedback and data, creating future customised learning paths. We ensure learning and training will not be seen as a chore, or a box-ticking exercise, data insights will help businesses reach ROIs – learners will get more targeted training that will tangibly help them in their job roles. At Blend we can help you make the most of your eLearning and training by empowering the learner with personalisation.

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