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At Blend we are passionate about rewarding and incentivising the learner, so we always look for ways to integrate gamification in eLearning design. Engaged learners and higher completion rates give tangible ROIs. Staff are more efficient and understand their roles more effectively, there are financial benefits and productivity increases, as well as less staff turnover. Below are some of our approaches to gamification.

Open-world gameplay

The Content Detectives is an example of how Blend brings gamification into a project. Inspired by point-and-click adventures such as Sam and Max Hit the Road or Day of the Tentacle from Lucas Arts, it gives the user the power to explore areas in their own way with free will, increasing engagement.

Blend is adept at creating scenario-based learning where your decisions have an affect of how you can progress in the learning, affect the narrative, as well as other characters or players. This added level of control makes learners more invested in the decisions they make and the subsequent consequences. Making the content all the more engaging.

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At Blend we focus on creating ‘sticky’ learning at much as possible. For example, leaderboards where you can get promoted and relegated depending on how much time you put into learning each week. Levels and scores can also be introduced. This sense of progression and recognised achievement helps make the content extra engaging.

Blend designed the Forgery Finder challenge to learn to recognise counterfeit features on a banknote and then get the highest score – encouraging practice and repeat play.

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Badges and trophies are another example of gamification we can integrate. Blend created a gold, silver, or bronze medal ending depending on the score you achieved on the First Aider. This element of competition can be particularly effective when we create eLearning for your young learners.

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50% - BRONZE

Well done, you got over 50% correct. You did a a great job saving the day but we think you can do even better. Try again and show the city how good a first aider you are!


75% - SILVER

Excellent work, you got over 75% correct. You're a natural at saving the day but we think you can be the greatest. Try again and show the city how you're the best First aider out there!


100% - GOLD

Incredible, you got a perfect 100% . You truly are the ultimate first aider The city couldn't ask for a better hero!

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Feedback reinforcement​

Blend can help users learn more about a concept whilst playing a game, through subconscious learning. This ties into ‘flow’ state which Blend taps into for effective learning. The user plays through the game and engages with and gradually absorb the content. Reinforced with repetition, positive and negative feedback and a well balanced difficulty level they eventually arrive at a point of alignment with the messaging as well as a desire to continue exploring it.

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