Project Planning

Project Planning

With more than a decade of experience producing high quality content at pace for global organisations like the BBC, Blend are battle-tested in the art of project planning.

We use the same efficient commercial production approach, mapping it out on digital whiteboards to ensure everyone can easily follow along and your eLearning project is delivered on time and stress-free.

The key to a smooth project is communication. Our aim is to keep you the client always up to date, so you can be confident everything is in safe hands and moving in the right direction. 

We encourage regular feedback sessions and all projects have milestones built in to keep everyone on track and happy.

Trained in a Design-Thinking approach, Blend are firm believers in testing as early and as often as possible. This rapid-prototyping or sprint approach enables us to avoid surprises and stay agile enough to overcome any challenges before they become a problem. This takes the form of visualisations and feedback at every production stage:

Script – to test the narrative the learner will follow

Storyboards – to test the flow through the key moments in the narrative.

Graphics proofs – to test the visual look of the learning experience.

Animated proofs – to test the movement and timing along the journey.

Interactive proofs – to test the UX (user experience)

All of these tests have one purpose in mind – to check what is being made is in service of the learning goals.

Part of what makes Blend unique is our ability to approach projects from both a design and learning point of view from the very start. This unique perspective means Tom and Brendan can work in parallel, organically refining your eLearning as it grows. This keeps momentum unlike larger segmented studios who hand off between different departments who stop and start, slowing down the whole process.

As seasoned project coordinators we also understand the importance of picking the right expert for the job. So when we do need to bring on a partner, for example to build some VR content, we involve them in the project from the start so they too can fit organically into the team and build a successful solution efficiently.

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