Virtual Reality (VR)

Integrating VR

At Blend we have expert Virtual Reality (VR) partners that work in unison with our Instructional and visual design capabilities. This gives us the potential to create fully realised scenario-based learning in controlled, safe environments. With the increase in availability of affordable technology, the benefit of scaleable, remote and repeat learning becomes highly cost-effective.

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Exploratory learning through VR

Creating more immersive eLearning is a big advantage of VR experiences – allowing the learner to interact with assets in an open world, exploring in a personalised way, completing learning in a non-linear fashion, and learning in a far more kinaesthetic manner to create engagement for  learners that simply isn’t available in the real world.

At Blend we also believe in learners being able to educate themselves safely – this is particularly useful when training in done in dangerous situations e.g. chemistry, emergency services etc. We can create scenarios where learners are able to practice in these simulated environments without the fear of negative consequences or causing harm to themselves or others is an attractive proposition when creating eLearning and training.

Soft skills development with VR

At Blend we work with partners who specialise in sandbox-style learning but also experts in psychology, therapy and soft skills development.

Whether its working with healthcare industry specialists, building require scenario-based learning for medical professionals to learn how to deal with certain life-and-death situations without consequences or soft skills development to improve interview technique, Blend has the expertise to help

Removing the limits of the classroom

Virtual field trips are full of possibilities – history can come alive and learning can be much more engaging. With our technological partners and Blends storytelling and learning theory expertise we can create a vessel for fantastic storytelling that engages learners and puts them in state of flow.

Blend understands that VR classrooms can create an environment where the educator is freee from real world constraints and can focus on what they do best – educate. Remote learning is here to stay so working with Blend can not only make it easier but also more engaging. 

Blend create virtual resources that can be more effective teaching tools and provide a library of assets for said situations, from science lessons where you can experiment with any chemical to studying the history of Shakespeare whilst walking around the Globe Theatre.

This is why at Blend we love to embrace new technology when it works in the service of the learning goals, and coupled with our creativity, the possibilities are limitless.

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