Augmented Reality (AR)

Integrating Augmented Reality (AR)​

Augmented Reality (AR) in is becoming more and more accessible and cost effective for learning and development and Blend makes it a priority to have this useful medium in its toolkit for projects that can benefit from it. We work closely with partners who have AR capabilities and integrate seamlessly into our projects.

By using AR to integrate simulations and interaction into real world environments Blend are able to not only create more immersive eLearning but also personalise it. AR tracking user behaviour allows us to intelligently design tasks and activities depending on how the user interacts within an AR project. We can also offer xAPI for AR that allow clients to track various data in projects. This is extremely important in terms of improving and iterating training and eLearning in the future.

AR Partners

At Blend we work with partners to create AR projects allowing users to enter walkthrough simulations of new buildings and enter portals that are integrated onto street settings. We can also bring to life and interact with content live on a personal scale on a learners desk.

AR also lends itself well to gamification. Adding hidden AR elements into the real world through eLearning and training projects can be great means to improve the engagement and interactivity of learning.

Advantages of AR

One advantage AR has over VR is the scalability and practicality of the technology. AR only needs a smart device or phone, whereas VR needs a headset. Accessibility is greatly improved when it comes to AR technology. With better infrastructure and lower cost to entry for the technology and newer LMSs having compatibility with AR, there are a number of advantages to developing AR.

Whether its educating users about a new service or for healthcare and industrial fields using augmented reality for safe scaleable and remote training, AR can be a fantastic cost-effective resource outside of the confines of a traditional classroom environment.

At Blend we love personalising eLearning and training and AR lends itself for a personalised learning experience for each user. Creating sandbox-style learning can be done effectively in an AR environment. Talk to us at Blend and discover how.

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