Animation and Motion Graphics

Animation & Motion Graphics

Appealing to our instincts

It is fundamental part of human nature to notice and focus on movement. In the same way that images draw our attention more effectively than text,  animation and moving content does so even more. 

The advantage is Blend can use animation to make eLearning more effective. Watch our animated teaser and you’ll get a good sense of how we like to move:

Click to watch our animated teaser

An informative journey

Click to watch the KFC Crisis

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When it comes to design less is more. When a learner is bombarded with text and graphics the level of engagement drops over time. This is where Blend animation really makes the difference. It is perfect for condensing information into elegant bitesize portions that flow through to the point of understanding. 

By timing everything out smoothly we can create a natural cadence that leads the learner on their journey and helps them stay engaged. It also enables a thing called ‘eye-trace’ – the ability to lead an observer around a screen to key points at set moments so there is less eye fatigue over time and your learners can stay focused. 

Watch our animation of The KFC crisis for The Slow Journalism Company and you’ll see exactly how we build rhythm into our animations to keep the audience engaged.

Connecting with personality

When creating learning experiences its always advantageous to build human connection. It is why live face to face workshops and classroom environments can have such positive impact. It encourages communication, empathy, social awareness, feedback, critique. All fantastic motivators.

When it comes to eLearning though, those aspects need to be designed into an experience. This is where Blends animation can really make a difference. Our ability to anthropomorphise and breathe life into characters and scenarios makes the learner more invested in the situations and gives them something to engage with and invest in.

Click to watch an animated intro

Enriching the learning

Blend always puts the learning goal front and centre. We then work outwards, building a rich dynamic environment that connects with the learner to boost knowledge retention. With lots of different animated approaches in our toolkit we can boost engagement with in any scenario. Here’s an overview of some of our animation capabilities:

Click to watch a motion graphics user guide

Motion Graphic Design – The name says it all, a graphical approach, which originated from moving text movie title sequences. Now a catch all term for all manner of graphical elements and photo manipulation as well as video footage and compositing.

The various elements are manipulated digitally and the computer works out the visuals based how the animator builds the scene. They can be used for anything from simple icon animations to cinematic title sequence – motion graphics are everywhere!

Blend use motion graphics for eLearning as it’s great for visualising complex concepts that would otherwise require bombarding a learner with text.  Perfect for animated explanations and user guides.

Character animation – Blend can create motion captured character animation as well as Illustrated styles. With the ability to rig puppets in our skillset we can create and bring to life all manner of imaginary and real world personalities help build a bond of empathy and trust.

Click to watch some character animation

Click to watch this 3D scene

Alongside flat 2D style animation Blend also has 3D capabilities.  This enables us to build scenes, objects, and content that integrates seamlessly into eLearning and creates an even more immersive experiences.

Frame by frame animation – this is more traditional animation, what people think of when they imagine Disney. Hand or digitally drawn elements animated one frame at a time into a sequence then played back in real time. More time consuming, frame by frame animation can create a rich tactile quality and bring an even greater sense of life through all the little imperfections

Click to watch some of our frame by frame animation

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