Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Interactive is literally our middle name

This capability is so important that the business is named after it. Demands for training content are evolving. Gone are the days of old-school PowerPoint presentations, boring overhead projector slides, or monotonous box-ticking training that feels like a chore. Learners demand and deserve greater levels of engagement with their training.


Interactive boost to learning engagement

Interactivity is our over-arching USP at Blend and is how we fully engage the learners so they can personalise, own, and apply knowledge, adding long-term value to your business. Explore some of our examples below:

Interactive Experiences

Over 90% of users have tangibly improved their work performance due to the eLearning we provided, and feedback specifically mentioned the interactivity of the projects was what kept them motivated to continue learning. 

We apply this same approach to engagement for interactive experience design. This takes the form of gamified content used as a marketing tool instead of training. Below are some of our playable examples.

Soft skills development

Soft skills are another application for Blends interactive content. We offer VR role play, scenario-based soft skills training, as well as personalised open-ended micro learning for users to tailor their own training experience.

At Blend we pride ourselves in meeting learning objectives head on with our versatile approach to interactivity, helping you get measurable value from your eLearning.

Try our prize-winning*’Solve problems at lightning speed’ micro learning course and follow along to discover how everyone can find solutions quickly with design thinking.

*We won the 7taps season 1 competition for best micro course!

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