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Exploring AR and VR to practice skills in an immersive, safe and scaleable environment.

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At Blend we understand the importance of using the right tools to enhance the learning experience. 

This is why we also offer cutting-edge AR and VR training services when needed, to maximise eLearning impact and save money when dealing with complex and remote scenario-based learning.

We partner with a number of technical specialists that enable us to combine Blend’s storytelling and scenario-based expertise with cutting edge technologies

With the arrival of more affordable VR devices, the opportunity to provide training experiences that truly engage the learner are now more viable. From virtual exhibition and community spaces to scenario-based soft skill, environmental and equipment training, Blend has teamed up with leading experts to offer innovative solutions that give your company immersive impact. 

What was previously only achievable in face to face workshops can now be scaleable and a cost-effective solution for large team and remote learning.

With Blend’s focus on accessibility and engagement, augmented reality is another solution we offer. Whether its complementing real world training situations with interactivity or bringing a new dimension to content, Blend combines its trademark storytelling skills with the right tech solution to give your eLearning the results you need.

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