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Immersing the audience into a unique personalised storytelling experience.

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Comic Con UK exhibition organisers were looking for a fun, live interactive experience to entertain visitors to their event, as well as drive awareness leading up to it.

The piece needed to run as a live interactive experience create for Comic Con UK as a fun immersive way to entertain visitors (both in cosplay costumes and dressed normally). It was for the 3 day event, as well as a promotional trailer to drive awareness to the event beforehand.

We knew that 91% of buyers in the B2C world prefer interactive content to plainly static visual or text content. We researched event experiences to see what visitors are used to – photo opportunities, guests signing, themed sets for posing and set our approach as a hybrid with added interactivity and a shareable, personalised deliverable visitors could share online.

This was a fantastic challenge to create interactive content that could be blended in a real life event and a perfect opportunity to put our storytelling abilities to the test. As Seth Godin said, ‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell’.

We created a fully personalised ‘star in your own action movie’ photobooth experience. With cinematic content backing up a cult movie (predator) themed narrative and immersive sound and music we also incorporated props, costumes and a virtual set.

We developed a live production pipeline that could provide visitors with a multi-scene video booth experience for 10 minutes, then 10 minutes later have a fully produced video unique for each user.

We were able to run the experience over the 3 days and produced more than 150 sets of content, one for each group of visitors. It successfully increased awareness across social media and the booth helped contribute to the events success. So much so that the organisers booked us again the following year.

From eLearning on a device, to Virtual Reality and Augmented reality, or interactive photobooth experiences, storytelling is at the core of every piece of effective content.

Client Feedback

"Green Screen Heroes were a fantastic addition to our shows lineup, giving our guests a fun and interactive experience - their promo videos on our social media in the lead up to our event really helped give the show a boost. The guys were very professional and gave a seamless performance at Comic Con. We'd definitely love to work with them again at one of our future events."
Richard Tewkesbury
Event Director - Comic Con UK

Behind the scenes

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We built a whole jungle village and a 2 metre tall predator...


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