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Grabbing the learner's attention with playful gamification, introducing them to new ideas in a fun and exciting way.

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SpokenSense were a therapy practice looking for an immersive piece of eLearning content as a gamified promotional tool to stand out from the crowd.

We created a mini-game that was inspired by old-school Space Invaders but instead of shooting objects you had to avoid obstacles, and collect and answer questions taken from marketing copy of the business.

The visual style and UX was created through Articulate Storyline and Adobe Creative Suite.

100% of users questions felt that they were more engaged by the interactive Spoken Sense content than by a piece of equivalent non-interactive content. This project illustrated the marrying of eLearning and marketing into teaching users about a business, with the Spoken Sense example of interactive content helping them learn more about self-help and why therapy can be useful.

This gamified eLearning increased user engagement and lead generation for the business. Whilst building this content we had a couple of pieces of information at the back of our minds. 93% of marketers say that interactive content is an effective way to help educate buyers. For us this project was a realisation that interactive content is not restricted to only eLearning. 

Interactive content can only be effectively used to teach people about a brand or a business, and Spoken Sense understood that they could teach people far more about their business in this interactive form than with just traditional methods (like brochures) alone. 

Client Feedback

"I would like to thank Tom and Brendan for the fabulous gamification marketing tool they produced for me. They were extremely supportive and invested a lot of time In understanding what my goal was and they created a versatile and funky game that grabs the attention of clients who I wish to attract and help. I am really happy with the response so far and would highly recommend them."
Clare Mooney
Founder - Spokensense Therapy

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