Data Insights - xAPI

Data Insights (xAPI)

Making the most of data

Blend can integrate xAPI (Experience Application Programming Interface) and make it possible to collect data from a learner’s use of certain learning technology whether it be online or offline. By communicating, collating and then sharing the learner’s activities using xAPI language Blend help you get the most effective use from your eLearning project data.


Traditionally eLearning development utilises SCORM. However, SCORM has its limitations and isn’t able to track learner data more than in terms of course completion time, pass or fail, and reporting a single score. Blend can help you collate SCORM or xAPI data but with a move into xAPI  it allows you more detailed tracking, as well as other benefits such as:

  • No internet browsing required
  • Mobile application integration
  • No LMS needed
  • Platform transition e.g. computer to mobile learning
  • Office course data tracking
  • Interactive course data tracking
  • Blended course data tracking
  • Team-based course data tracking

Learning Record Store (LRS)

Blend also factor in that mobile learning, simulations (for example Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality), more complex and detailed games, experiential learning, social learning, offline as well as online learning etc. can all be acknowledged and tracked by xAPI.  Blend uses a Learning Record Store (LRS) to keep track of all the statements and communications made in a course, as well as being able to share their records with other LRSs. Blend can also create an LRS to exist within a Learning Management System (LMS). We ensure all your projects track this data regardless of the type of learning occurring on the course. Learning doesn’t have to be dry to be tracked.

Blend can build a course that can contain some or all the following:

  • The LMS
  • eLearning courses
  • Classroom training
  • Games
  • Simulations
  • Mobile apps
  • Business Systems

An LRS can communicate with all of the above through its dashboard, reports, open badges and learning analytics. At Blend seamlessly integrating the LRS with the learning is something we can offer.

Data tracking in eLearning

The LMS can track data from anything within its boundaries. However, a lot of learning is done offline. Although it is important that the LMS is often the centre of where the learning happens there is informal learning also going on. Your online course may be the focal point for learning, training and onboarding but collaboration, mentoring, media employees consume independently to help them with tasks etc. are all ways to learn outside of the ‘formal’ training. So Blend combines xAPI and LRS to help collate this activity so it can be tracked on top of the traditional LMS environment.

Blend can use xAPI and LRSs integration to reduce training costs, improve decision-making, and help put in place more efficient formal training. Tracking data across platforms means the learning ecosystem as a whole can become richer. Blend understands that every project needs to be measured and tangible KPIs or ROIs need to be considered. We make sure all our learning projects allow this information to be integrated.

We can help you use xAPI activities alongside your LMS through plugins or other methods (depending on the LMS in use) and Blend can make sure all the LMS, LRS and xAPI needs are taken care of. We know that improvements come from data tracking and evaluation and all our eLearning takes this into consideration.

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