AI Prompt Engineering

Duration: 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.

Overview: This course teaches participants to craft effective AI prompts, covering AI fundamentals, prompt crafting techniques, practical applications, and advanced strategies. The program culminates in a capstone project, with interactive sessions and real-time feedback to ensure comprehensive learning.

Module 1: Introduction to AI and Prompt Engineering

  • Understanding AI: Basic concepts and applications
  • What is Prompt Engineering?
  • Importance of effective prompts

Module 2: Creating Effective Prompts

  • Techniques to avoid AI hallucinations
  • Using examples and data in prompts
  • Key words and phrases to enhance AI responses

Module 3: Practical Applications

  • Real-world scenarios and case studies
  • Hands-on exercises in prompt crafting
  • Tools and platforms for prompt engineering

Module 4: Advanced Techniques

  • Fine-tuning prompts for specific outcomes
  • Integrating AI tools in business workflows
  • Ethical considerations in AI usage

Module 5: Evaluation & Optimisation

  • Analyzing AI output quality
  • Continuous improvement strategies
  • Feedback and refinement

Module 6: Capstone Project

  • Designing and implementing a comprehensive AI prompt strategy
  • Presentation and peer review of projects

The proposed syllabus is based on our experience, but we adapt to each client.

We offer this course in-person or online.