General Spanish/French/German

We follow the CEFR language levels (A1 - C2) Each course depends on the level and language but in all languages we will cover the following. Courses will be 12 weeks with normally 3-4 hours per week:

Beginner Level (A1 - A2)

  • Basic Communication: Alphabet, greetings, basic sentence structure.
  • Everyday Situations: Daily vocabulary, basic grammar, common scenarios.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary: Plurals, common verbs, adjectives, personal info.

Intermediate Level (B1 - B2)

  • Intermediate Communication: Review basics, complex sentences, extended scenarios.
  • Vocabulary and Grammar: Intermediate vocab, past/future tenses, adverbs.
  • Cultural Context: Idioms, formal/informal usage, cultural insights.

Advanced Level (C1 - C2)

  • Advanced Communication: Complex conversations, advanced grammar.
  • Professional Language: Business vocabulary, formal writing, presentations.
  • Real-World Application: Media language, advanced idioms, fluency.

Course Completion

  • Assessments: Oral, listening, and reading comprehension tests (if requested).
  • Certification: Certificate of Completion for respective level.

The proposed syllabus is based on our experience, but we adapt to each client.

We offer: 1-1 online/in-person and group online/in-person classes.