Good, Fast or Cheap (in-budget) – Finding the balance

Good and Fast but at a higher cost.


Fast and Cheap but with a compromise on quality.


Cheap and Good but with a longer delivery time.

The commonly held belief is that the sweet spot in the centre with all three is unachievable, so as a customer you should – “Just stop asking for it because it doesn’t exist!”

But this is an over-simplification used to end an argument. 

‘Good’ is completely subjective and in this case very non specific. 

We need to dig deeper like a kid/therapist and ask… 

What is ‘good’? 

Good means it satisfies a business need. 


In which case it’s not so black and white any more. As long as you have defined your business goal, you can explore the greys of ‘good enough’ and get a healthy balance.

To find out about how to define your business goal check out our previous article.

In our next article we’ll dive into what is good enough and how you reach it.

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