Public Speaking

Course Title: Public Speaking - 12 weeks (3-4 hours per week)

Overview: This course is designed to improve public speaking skills, helping participants gain confidence and effectiveness in their presentations. We will cover key techniques for preparing and delivering impactful speeches in various professional settings (students can be seperated by level).

Module 1: Fundamentals of Public Speaking

  • Skills Focused: Basics of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Content:
    • Introduction to the principles of public speaking.
    • Techniques to overcome stage fright.
    • Importance of body language and facial expressions.
    • Strategies to capture and maintain audience attention.
  • Class Activities:
    • Group discussions on public speaking experiences.
    • Exercises on body language and voice control.
    • Small group presentation practices.
    • Breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Homework: Prepare and practice a short presentation on a familiar topic.

Module 2: Speech Organisation & Structure

  • Skills Focused: Structuring and organizing content.
  • Content:
    • Classic speech structure: introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • Techniques for organizing ideas coherently.
    • Using stories, anecdotes, and data to support the message.
    • Methods for creating smooth transitions between points.
  • Class Activities:
    • Exercises on planning and structuring speeches.
    • Role-playing to practice creating transitions.
    • Storytelling practice relevant to professional contexts.
  • Homework: Write and structure a 5-minute speech on an assigned topic.

Module 3: Effective Presentation Techniques

  • Skills Focused: Advanced presentation techniques and use of visual aids.
  • Content:
    • Advanced presentation techniques: emphasis, pacing, and pausing.
    • Effective use of visual aids like slides and charts.
    • How to interact with the audience and handle questions.
    • Strategies for tailoring the speech to different audiences.
  • Class Activities:
    • Presentation practice with and without visual aids.
    • Simulated Q&A sessions.
    • Peer feedback on presentation techniques.
  • Homework: Prepare a 10-minute presentation using visual aids.

Module 4: Adaptation and Flexibility in Presentations

  • Skills Focused: Adapting presentations to different contexts and audiences.
  • Content:
    • Adapting messages for different types of audiences.
    • Techniques for handling unexpected situations during presentations.
    • Using improvisation to maintain flow.
    • Methods for engaging the audience and encouraging participation.
  • Class Activities:
    • Role-playing to adapt speeches to different contexts.
    • Improvisation and handling unexpected situations practice.
    • Audience engagement exercises.
  • Homework: Adapt and present a previously prepared speech to a new audience or context.

Module 5: Intensive Practice & Feedback

  • Skills Focused: Consolidation of skills and continuous improvement.
  • Content:
    • Intensive practice of complete presentations.
    • Detailed and constructive feedback sessions.
    • Techniques for continuous improvement of presentation skills.
    • Review of presentation recordings for self-assessment.
  • Class Activities:
    • Full presentations with real-time feedback.
    • Group analysis of presentation recordings.
    • Continuous improvement exercises based on feedback.
  • Homework: Deliver a final 15-minute presentation incorporating all learned techniques.

The proposed syllabus is based on our experience, but we adapt to each client.

We offer: 1-1 online/in-person and group online/in-person classes.